The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
– Robert Swan

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Experience the Good Life in Copenhagen

Few cities have mastered the good life and the green life as well as Denmark’s capital city. Consistently getting top ranks for ‘happiest’ people in the world, Copenhagen also is considered by many to be the green capital of Europe (and the world) – a city of bicycle-friendly roads, environmentally friendly habits and an exemplary…

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Visit London sustainably

Tips for greener travel in the British capital city As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, London offers an endless set of memorable experiences to visitors. Historical landmarks intersect with cutting-edge architecture and green parks, while street art and open-air markets complement the cultural heritage on display in museums. Whether you reach…

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Mind-blowing Eco-Luxury Hotels in Scandinavia

Widely known for their ecological consciousness, Scandinavians are considered by many to be leaders in green energy generation, organic food production, alternative waste management, and sustainable practices. So, naturally, the Nordic countries are also home to some of the best eco-luxury hotels around. The Nordic eco-tourism movement promises more conscious, sustainable-oriented travel experiences allowing for…

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Waves of positivity: the health benefits of the ocean’s negative ions

The sound of waves crashing into each other, the smell of sea salt in the nostrils, and the soft texture of sand under our feet – we all know how energizing it can feel to spend even just a few hours by the ocean. For centuries, the healing power of sea air has been studied,…

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Shinrin-Yoku: experience the Japanese forest therapy with a multi-sensory immersion in the woods

Get outside. Fill your eyes with the colors of the woods. Listen to the sound of streams, birds chirping, and the rustling of leaves as the wind blows through the trees. Take notice of the smells that emerge from the thicket. Touch the decades-old bark of the trees and feel the rough texture. This is…

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Where to practice Shinrin-Yoku around the world

In the last few years, several paths worldwide have been created to fully enjoy the experience of “forest bathing”. Japan is the obvious destination. The Akasawa Natural Recreational Forest, one of the most beautiful forests in Japan offering eight paths that unravel around the conifers north of Nagoya, was appointed a forest-therapy base by the Forest…

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Your guide to sustainable tourism; restoring the balance between exploration and conservation

2020, a year never to be forgotten. Travel and exploration were replaced with lockdowns and curfews, normality felt like a distant dream, and time stood still as a series of unprecedented events unfolded around us. What has been made clear during this time, is our need to getaway, to escape into nature and rejuvenate. We…

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Is Slow Travel the New Luxury Travel?

A quick guide to embrace slowness in your next adventure The philosophy promoting a “slow” lifestyle is built on the idea that by taking the time to experience cuisine, design, wine, nature, or cities one can develop a deeper appreciation of the things that make life great. Slowness has conquered the world of food over…

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Italy’s “diffused hotels”

How rethinking hospitality is saving the country’s medieval villages How many times, while walking through the narrow streets of a quaint, charming Italian village, have you wondered what the interiors of historical homes look like? Peeking through open windows is no longer necessary to satisfy your curiosity – now you can sleep in them. Diffused…

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A Luxury Getaway Through a Sustainable Lens

The hotels on an ecological mission to preserve the planet We live in a world of infinite beauty; from the fluorescent coral reefs, the ancient forests, and the sky-piercing mountains. We can’t help but want to explore it. Ironically, our travel to appreciate the world’s wonders can be incredibly damaging to the very marvels that…

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