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Thirst trap

What’s better than recycling plastic or glass water bottles? Not using them at all, of course. This is especially true when you consider the shocking statistic that according to Greenpeace, only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. We all like to imagine that the bottle we are using is on its way to become a…

Fralsa Collective

Clean Sheets

If you’re going to get dirty in bed, at least do it in clean sheets.  Since there is nothing sexy about toxic chemicals and unsustainable textile waste, that means upgrading your bedding game and we’re here to help.  A hazard to the earth and your health, conventionally made sheets, much like your ex, should be…

Fralsa Collective

Light It Up

The best candles to hygge up your space  Consistently scoring a top spot in the annual World Happiness Report 2021, Denmark is as famous for it’s content citizens as it is for its environmental values.  But the Danes also famously love their candles.  When dark and cold winters hit the Nordic countries, there’s nothing more…

Fralsa Collective

Living Plastic Free in the Kitchen

Plastic, a material that changed everything. Cheap, versatile, lightweight, and resistant. It brings with it benefits that have allowed us to live with ease and convenience. However, the very thing that made it revolutionary, also made it incredibly destructive. It is now predestined to exist with us and is a major driving factor in climate…

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