About Frälsa

Fashion, home, and lifestyle design can make the human experience infinitely richer. As executives in the luxury fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, and spaces, we became acutely aware of the major problems and unsustainable practices that exist in these industries. Practices that wreak havoc on our world and ultimately reduce what should be living art to a commodity, subtracting more from the human experience than it adds. We are committed to changing this. We are dedicated to ending wasteful and inhumane practices. We are inspired by the innovative people and companies working to make a difference in the way we consume and the way we live. We join them in pushing to make the luxury lifestyle space more responsible and sustainable. We created this forum to be part of the solution and make it easier for you to do the same. Alone, we are powerless against a ‘machine’ that is now churning with such force, but when we combine forces, we can save ourselves from a system that no longer serves us, and we can make the world and our lives more beautiful in the process.

"We Believe that you should not have to compromise your morals for your aesthetic (or vice versa."