Smart design can help save the earth from unnecessary waste and pollution.

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Playing for keeps: Upcycled Fashion

Playing for keeps: Upcycled Fashion that is too good to let go If you love something, let it go…no, scratch that… How about: If you love something, remake it into something even cooler, something unique, something worth keeping. The fashion community is waking up to see that the only thing we really need to say…

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The Fashion Act

New York’s Fashion Act is trying to make the fashion industry sustainable through accountability In early 2022, as the pandemic appeared to be slowing its course, the fashion industry made a historical move toward sustainability. Drafted in October 2021 and presented in New York on January 5, 2022, the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act…

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You’re not tripping, mushroom leather really is coming to your wardrobe

There is no escape from the ‘shroom boom’ that has taken over our headlines. Everywhere we look we are seeing the rising trend of mycelium; drinking it in our tea, getting the latest face cream, or even illuminating our homes with mycelium-made lamps. Mycelium itself is the thread-like structure that enables mushrooms to grow, much…

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Celebrity Skin

Celebrities are used to getting what they want (and are also used to looking pretty amazing all.of.the.time).  So, of course, they would understand that we don’t want to have to sacrifice style in the name of sustainability.  Thankfully these glitterati also understand the critical need to prioritize the health of our planet and are using…

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Can Luxury be Sustainable?

Fashion adds so much to the world. The industry gives us style, excitement, a medium for personal expression. The clothes we wear can make us feel beautiful or powerful or unique. But not all that the fashion industry contributes is good. Sadly, the fashion industry also produces an incredible amount of waste and pollution into…

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Sustainable Denim

Apair of jeans comes across as one of the most nondescript items in our wardrobes, and yet carry so much weight when it comes to our everyday outfits. Once you’ve found the perfect fit, it’s a garment that follows you over the years, and it’s hard to deny that when we can’t think of anything…

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Scandinavian Fashion – Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet

Scandinavian companies lead the way to a sustainable fashion that encompasses the industry’s social, economic, and environmental impact. Nordic fashion shows us that luxury and sustainability can cohabitate. Scandinavian Fashion Sets the Sustainability Bar High The last decade has seen a rise of Scandinavian fashion brands that promote eco-friendly practices and care for the people…

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Sustainable Spring Knits

Knits and cool weather have always gone hand in hand, and with spring approaching, we’re looking for options that can carry us through the cool breezes that come our way. Still, paying attention to what fibers are used in our knits is only normal in our quest for a considerate wardrobe. Cashmere used to be…

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