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Scandinavian Fashion – Where Luxury and Sustainability Meet

Scandinavian companies lead the way to a sustainable fashion that encompasses the industry’s social, economic, and environmental impact. Nordic fashion shows us that luxury and sustainability can cohabitate.

Scandinavian Fashion Sets the Sustainability Bar High

The last decade has seen a rise of Scandinavian fashion brands that promote eco-friendly practices and care for the people involved in the production process. With Denmark leading the way, the world’s biggest and most significant event -Copenhagen Fashion Summit gathers the most outstanding designers, media, politics, and fashion companies to discuss the industry’s social responsibility. From supply chain to safe and fair working settings, to the cutting of toxic materials and chemicals used in the production, there’s no place to fast fashion.

Another initiative worth mentioning is the Copenhagen Fashion Week. The event is a statement of “we are sustainable, and we mean it,” as it bans all plastics and partner only with green or sustainable companies.

Denmark is not only big on sustainability, but it also is acknowledged for its naturally chic, minimalist, sophisticated design aesthetic. With a spirit of “less is more,” Danes imprint a character of vintage simplicity that challenges traditional femme patterns with a blend of laid back, chic and urban spirit. They are definitely trendsetters in the new anti-consumerism era. In a study conducted by the Sustainable Brand IndexTM, over 70% of shoppers in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland reported that sustainability impacts their purchasing decisions.

Sweden also stands out for its sustainability-nurturing approach promoting circular business models, which replace the end-of-life concept with reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering materials throughout the value chain. That system calls for a holistic reformulation of the fashion industry had it aimed to be sustainable.

Top Nordic Eco-Friendly and Stylish Brands Your Wardrobe Will Love

The freezing weather has not prevented Scandi top designers from fashioning wardrobes with timeless, warmish, yet chic garments. With an innovative style, the nordic fashion conquered ocean waste, repurposed it into swimwear, produced vegetable-origin handbags, and expanded local production opportunities.

Below are a few of our favorites that we recommend you check out! The cream of the cream when it comes to nordic fashion sustainable brands and much more to explore here.

Organic Basics

As an expression of coziness and comfort to nourish your body with contentment, this Danish firm devotes its efforts to create women’s essentials using organic cotton and recycled material. As they proclaim, “Sustainability is not a nice-to-have, it’s the only way we act,” they walk their talk by choosing only fabrics and partners that care about the environment. The berry on the cake? Regardless of your body shape, ethnicity, or aesthetic, you’ll feel included.


“The pursuit for less” –reads Asket’s slogan. This Swedish brand specializes in long-lasting, all-season men’s essentials, outstanding for its casual, luxurious yet affordable collection of size-exclusive T-Shirts and exquisite cashmere sweaters. Yes, that’s it. The guys will have a spectrum of 15 sizes to fit their bodies with fancy textiles. Isn’t it amazing?! And what’s most admirable about Asket is its transparency policy, where you can trace back and forth through the supply chain to check upon their sustainable practices.

Filippa K

This well-established brand is the culprit of circularity in Sweeden. Filippa’s customers enjoy an extended product life and 15% refunds for used garments they return to the stores. And even more mind-blowing, you can now lease items for four days while paying only 20% of the original price. There’s no need to pack your wardrobe with clothes that you’ll probably use twice a year, if at all. That’s so smart! And of course, needless to say, that Filippa’s collections shine for its timeless Scandi-stylish activewear for your workouts and beyond.

Nudie Jeans

A lifetime investment for your jeans collection, that’s what you’ll get with Nudie Jeans. This Gotenburg-based company has taken the production of denim jeans to the next level. From product life expansion to 100% organic cotton to free repairs forever. Their repair stores also offer second hand whose previous oner receive a 20% off your next purchase with them. Who said that fashion is all about new seasonal trends? BS. That’s no longer the case, and Nudie Jeans evidences that.

Syvênde Swimwear

Launched in Sweden in 1019, Syvênde Swimwear stands out for its mission of cleaning the ocean from plastic waste. What a noble cause! A sustainably luxurious life is possible. Now you can flaunt wearing a fancy bikini made from abandoned fishing nets, textile shreds, and plastic from landfills and oceans worldwide. For every purchase you make, you get free shipping wherever you are, and 5% of your order is donated to Ocean Cleanup Foundation. So, if you’re up for a premium swimsuit made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon with a silky and soft texture, go for Syvênde Swimwear!


You can easily distinguish the designs from Trash-Couture among their peers. Since its establishment in 2002, the brand made its sustainable approach clear even when that wasn’t a trend yet. It was the pioneer of ethical fashion and the first brand to introduce that concept to Paris in 2005. Trash-Couture outfits blur the line between design and art with a vintage touch of antique textiles, exuberant laces, and embroiders. Forget about the hangtag. You will know when you see it because its uniqueness is hard to ignore. The whole collection is handmade and locally sewn in Copenhagen, hence reducing the extra production costs.

By Signe

Using only organic and bamboo fibers certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), By Signe stands out for its unbleached fabrics, usually in their natural colors, holding on to the minimalistic style of Scandinavian fashion. Alternatively to plastic, the brand uses wood and seashells and biodegradable bags from recycled cardboard and a carbon-neutral print.

A Tawaway Message

Today’s fashion level of sophistication transcends the mere concept of the renowned brands from Paris and Milan. Sustainability is the new norm, setting the bar high for a new type of consumer who appreciates luxury as a byproduct of sustainable practices.