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Celebrity Skin

Celebrities are used to getting what they want (and are also used to looking pretty amazing all.of.the.time).  So, of course, they would understand that we don’t want to have to sacrifice style in the name of sustainability.  Thankfully these glitterati also understand the critical need to prioritize the health of our planet and are using their talents to create better options when it comes to fashion.   

It’s been reported that the fashion industry emits 10% of global greenhouse gases annually, pollutes the environment to such drastic extents that rivers are being classified as biologically dead and conditions for the employees working in apparel factories can be inhumane and unsafe.

Using their platforms to show that there is a better way could be a crucial step towards revolutionizing the fashion industry and repairing the broken model that currently exists.   

Now put down your US weekly and check out these stylish celeb creations that have us swooning… 

Hiraeth Collective, Rooney Mara

Image from Hiraeth Collective

Founded by Rooney Mara with partners Sara Schloat and Chrys Wong, Hiraeth prides itself on all items avoiding the use of leather, fur, wool and silk. Respecting and cherishing all living creatures is an essential part of the brand’s beliefs and so this brand serves a new generation of ethically conscious women, who can purchase quality items without compromising their own beliefs. 

This vegan label, named ‘Hiraeth’ translates from Welsh into ‘nostalgia or homesickness’. Mara decided to name her brand this as she believed the word relates to today’s world – that we are all living a disconnected and isolated existence from the planet and each other. She is using her platform to bring awareness of this disconnect, hoping to inspire people to embrace and appreciate the world around them.

BaYou with love, Nikki Reed

Image from BaYou With Love

Nikki Reed, a designer, actress and environmentalist has created a brand that celebrates ethical fashion. She has designed handcrafted jewelry with recycled gold from old sourced DELL computers, bridal rings with carbon-neutral cultivated diamonds and consciously sourced stones. The pieces created have natural symbolism, referencing water, wind and mushrooms.

Pushing to restore the harmonious balance of physical feeling and aesthetics, BaYou With Love allows a pathway for conscious consumerism, so people can wear consciously sourced products, produced with minimum environmental impact, that look desirable. Nikki, through her sustainable high-quality jewelry, is showing that you can recycle materials to create something beautiful.

Goop, G. Label, Gwyneth Paltrow

Always at the forefront, Gwyneth Paltrow, the celeb who put the idea of being ‘conscious’ about our actions and life choices in the spotlight, has created a beautiful assortment of timeless pieces which can be worn season after season.  The clothing is interesting and of the moment, but also effortlessly chic and timeless.  Because the clothing is styled and made to last, the garment’s life is extended, making it less likely to become textile waste and ultimately  a win for the environment.  The Goop founder offers her own brand, G.Label, which includes quality items produced in Italy with ethical consideration in mind.  Her label makes use of materials such as natural linen to create a chic but smart and conscious wardrobe. In addition to this, all other brands sold through goop, are heavily vetted for ethical standards, so that they align with goops standards. 

The clothing is a perfect compliment to her offering of clean beauty products.  Goop has created their own standards of clean beauty controlling for toxic ingredients and formulations and ensuring transparency throughout the products, so that people know what they are putting on their body and in the environment. 

Stella McCartney

Image from Stella McCartney

You might call her the O.G. in the fashionably sustainable clothing and accessory space.  Stella McCartney is a pioneer for sustainable fashion, having showcased that clothing brands can have a positive impact on the planet, all its creatures and the people. As a voice for Mother Earth, her brand continues to inspire and motivate people to choose desirable products that are designed and manufactured to protect our future.  She was the first major label to reject any use of leather or fur.  She continues to evolve and improve on this mission, showing others that this is a viable fashion choice.  

Their brand is built from social responsibility, following UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights ensuring everyone throughout their supply chain is treated with dignity and respect. The brand is fully transparent having developed tools that accurately measure and report their impact. Sustainability is at the core of this brand and it has been from the day it launched over 20 years ago.

Von D Shoes, Kat Von D

Another celeb showing us that cool vegan fashion is possible, Kat Von D created her luxe vegan  footwear line.  Moving away from highly pollutant animal-based fabrics, Von D’s luxury shoes are 100% vegan. Von D, avoiding the fast-fashion path, wanted to create a brand that not only appreciates the art of making shoes but also considers the beauty of compassion. The shoes, built to last, offer people an easily available alternative to non-vegan shoes paving an accessible path for people to live a cruelty-free life.  “We are not interested in contributing to the “fast fashion” culture that’s so destructive to the environment, and equally as destructive to the human psyche. We believe things shouldn’t be treated in such a disposable manner, and instead, strive to make shoes that will last a lifetime” says Von D.  

The shoes made of embossed velvets, vegan suede and recycled rubber are handcrafted in Florence, Italy, by a family of artisans, and use non-animal-based adhesives. Their luxe vegan leather is derived from compressed apples!!  Von D is showing the world that your style can be created in a way that aligns with your beliefs, ensuring the safety and protection of the animals that no longer need to be exploited for the sake of fashion.

Naja, Gina Rodriguez

Naja, built with a deep desire to make the world a better place, is changing the female narrative from objectification to empowerment. This empowerment stays a vital part of the brand throughout its manufacturing processes, with the garment factory primarily employing single mothers or female heads of household, paying them above the household wage and offering them healthcare benefits.

They are planning to use recycled plastic bottles throughout their collections and are constantly seeking and considering materials that are good for the planet. They use digital and sublimation printing technologies which are the most environmentally friendly processes to create printed fabric. This brand empowers women and the environment with both prepared for a fairer, less exploitative world.

Story by: S. Buckley 

Header image: Katsiaryna Endruszkiewicz / Unsplash