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Clean Sheets

If you’re going to get dirty in bed, at least do it in clean sheets.  Since there is nothing sexy about toxic chemicals and unsustainable textile waste, that means upgrading your bedding game and we’re here to help.  A hazard to the earth and your health, conventionally made sheets, much like your ex, should be permanently phased out of your bed, for a happier and healthier future.  

Research has shown that bed linens account for 10 million tons of textile waste each year in the US alone.  Given that sheets tend to have an even shorter lifespan than your jeans (and little opportunity for re-sale), it’s important to focus on buying sustainable materials, like Organic Bamboo Lyocell or Viscose, Hemp or Linen.  Organic Cotton, though still a water drain, is far better than traditionally grown cotton, which can be filled with chemicals, and  are bad for you and the planet.  

We’ve rounded up some of the best options out there, amazing companies using better  materials to create super soft, sexy and luxurious bedding so you can lay your head down and  drift off worry-free.   


Featuring: Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set – Moss

Material: 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell

Price: $230 (king)

Made Trade pushes people into their comfort zone with bed sheets that are ethically sourced and made. This woman-owned, family-run company prides itself on its sustainability standards. Every order is 100% carbon neutral and 1% of every purchase is donated to environmentally-focused non-profits. 

Materials are locally, sustainably sourced, composed of earth-friendly, responsible raw materials including GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, linen, and hemp. With their bedding, you can sleep sweet dreams of a greener world, wrapped in their vegan, ethically sourced bedding curated by global artisans and makers.

Cozy Earth

Featuring: Bamboo Sheet Set

Material: Made from Viscose from Bamboo

Price: $409 (king)

Cozy earth is paving the way for luxury bedding that offers ultimate comfort for both the planet and the people. They are constantly seeking new ways to improve their products without compromising their values and their goals. They select quality suppliers who prioritize responsible production and natural materials. Cozy earth has pushed the boundaries of comfort with its ultra-soft cloud-like fabric derived from stalks of bamboo. All of their products are free of toxins, harsh chemicals and dyes so you can close your eyes and drift into a toxin-free abyss.


Featuring: Organic Crinkled Percale™ Bedding Set

Material: 100% organic cotton is grown and woven in India

Price: $188 (king)

Coyuchi donates 1% of every purchase to the planet pushing for a cleaner, more sustainable world. Their organic bedding is held to the highest environmental and ethical standards, saving water and preventing the environmental impacts from pesticides. They have a circular initiative which allows for linens returned to them to go to a new home after they have been repaired and cleaned, so when you buy from there, you can be sure that your linens don’t end up in landfill. They have achieved circularity, pushing for a zero-waste world, inspired by the one true master of circularity, Mother Earth.

Boll & Branch

Featuring: Signature Eyelet Duvet Set

Material: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Price: $378 (king)

Boll & Branch was set up to offer the customer a choice, ‘To do what’s right’. Their bedding is made from 100% organic cotton and they have helped to improve the lives of thousands of cotton farmers in India. Organic cotton saves 90% of water used for conventional farming methods and avoids the input of harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. In addition to sourcing sustainable raw materials, they prioritize worker empowerment and sustainable income, helping to reassure you that you’ve made the right choice when it comes to your comfort, allowing you to slip into that much-needed blissful slumber.

Shades of Green

Featuring: Sömn Luxury Linen Bedding | Duvet Cover (mineral green)

Material: European Linen

Price: $400 (king)

Shades of Green offers you more than luxurious bedding that you can melt away in, they also enable you to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Through extensive research, they have identified healthier and environmentally responsible alternatives to the conventional models of bedding and products, providing a transparent sustainable platform promoting conscious consumerism. Believing in the ‘impact of one’, they hope to empower customers to make the right choices and with this allow you to drift into a world where both the planet can flourish as much as you. 


Featuring: Organic Hemp Duvet Cover

Material: 100% GOTS certified organic hemp

Price: $379 (king)

As one of the world’s most sustainable brands, Avocado is striving to be the world’s most respected source for organic bedding, pillows and mattresses. They are part of the 1% for the planet initiative, as well as boosting their Climate Neural and Fair Trade certification. They offset more CO2 than they generate, avoid toxic chemicals and power their factories with renewable energy.

Avocado offers complete transparency throughout every step of their supply chain, from their farms to their factories. They are dreaming of a world where the environment is protected and cherished and they are inviting you to dream with them.


Featuring: Sateen Bedroom Essentials Bundle (pewter)

Material: 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Price: $327 (king)

Bhumi is pushing for change, and with change, the betterment of earth and humanity. Bhumi, meaning Mother Earth in Sanskrit, is the perfect choice when you are seeking that ultimate sustainable sleep. Their organic farming methods have meant they have avoided over 1 million km of driving emissions, saved over 11 million days worth of drinking water and farmed over 0.5 million square meters of pesticide-free land. They ensure that they abide by Fairtrade standards, supporting a high proportion of women employees. They are showcasing that the planet can be as relaxed we are when we make the right choice and choose sustainable luxury.

When we sleep, we escape, we drift into a realm curated by our subconscious. The planet, however, cannot escape. That is why we must choose brands that promote sustainable practices, to offer everyone and everything the opportunity for rest and recovery. Our planet is at a pivotal point where recovery is paramount, we just need to stop disturbing it, let it rest and recuperate.

Story by: S. Buckley/ A. Lynch

Header Image: Ahtziri Lagarde/ Unsplash