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Top Biodynamic- Certified Brands and Businesses

Today, the best way to find biodynamic farms and farm products in America is to look for official certification from Demeter USA. Certification means that farms meet all the requirements of the National Organic Program and the stricter standards of biodynamic growing. 

Below are some of the farms and brands offering biodynamic products today. 

Best Restaurant

Image: Mirazur Restaurant

Universe Mirazur: Considered one of the best restaurants in the world, the Universe Mirazur went through a complete overhaul during the Covid-19 lockdown in France. Today, it offers a brand new menu focused on highlighting the pillars of biodynamic farming. 

Five local biodynamic farms and gardens supply fresh produce to the restaurant, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of both the natural and the cultivated with its menu. 

Best Wines

Narrow Gate Vineyards: This boutique winery in Placerville, CA, offers inspired wines made with minimal intervention so that the natural flavors of the grapes grown in the certified-biodynamic vineyards can speak for themselves. Visit in-person to enjoy the winery’s candlelit cellar tasting room. 

Montinore Estate: As one of the largest producers of certified estate wines made from biodynamic grapes, Montinore Estate boasts over 200 acres of Demeter-certified grapevines. This Oregon-based winery specializes in pinot noirs and cool climate whites.  

Solminer Wine: With a name that literally means “mining the sun,” Solminer Wine focuses on soil health for its biodynamic-certified California wines. You can visit in person, purchase vintages online, and even join the winery’s renowned wine club

Best Skincare Products

Image: éminence organic skincare

Éminence Organic Cornflower Recovery Serum: Take care of your skin with this lotion formulated with biodynamic certified ingredients like cornflower and clary sage. 

Weleda Baby Products: This wellness brand uses calendula blossoms cultivated in Europe’s biggest biodynamic plant garden. 

Best Food

Image: food match

Hawthorne Dairy: As one of the first US dairies to become certified organic, Hawthorne Dairy remains a trendsetter with its growing biodynamic product line. To date, all products are 100% certified USDA organic, and its Alpine and plain yogurt are certified Biodynamic. 

Lakewood Fresh Pressed Juice: This small-batch juice company has a line of certified biodynamic drinks made from fresh-pressed mangoes, apples, beets, cranberries, and pomegranates. 

Food Match Biodynamic Kalamata Olives: These biodynamic-certified olives have a smokey taste with red wine undertones, thanks to the biodynamic-certified red wine vinegar used as a preservative. You can eat them fresh or pair them with feta and pitas for a refreshing snack. 

White Leaf Provisions: This baby food company sells a range of fruit-based purees and apple sauces that are certified biodynamic so you get a better sense of what you’re really feeding your child. 

Crofters Organic Biodynamic Jam Spread: This jam company sells a line of certified biodynamic spreads in apricot, strawberry, and blueberry that have 33% less sugar than preserves. 

Acropolis Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: You can cook with confidence with this certified biodynamic extra virgin olive oil from single-origin olives grown in Italy. 

Deep Valley Biodynamic Coffee: Brew the best each morning with this certified biodynamic coffee that comes from a single estate in Espirito Santo, Brazil. 

Story by:  Lydia Noyes

Header image: Mirazur Restaurant