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Mind-blowing Eco-Luxury Hotels in Scandinavia

Widely known for their ecological consciousness, Scandinavians are considered by many to be leaders in green energy generation, organic food production, alternative waste management, and sustainable practices. So, naturally, the Nordic countries are also home to some of the best eco-luxury hotels around. The Nordic eco-tourism movement promises more conscious, sustainable-oriented travel experiences allowing for unique, fulfilling, and personalized experiences in harmony with nature and social surroundings. These hotels are committed to the environment through waste management and reduction, green energy, water conservation, and ethical sourcing and many include sustainable initiatives like supporting local production, organic farming, rainwater collection, and fair-trade gift shops.

So, whether you’re craving a chic city adventure or a mind-freeing escapade in the countryside, these Nordic hotels will have you covered in eco-style.

Sustainable Urban Boutique Hotels in Copenhagen

Although Copenhagen doesn’t hold the most sustainable city label like its neighboring Gothenburg, the Danes can be proud of the enormous number of sustainable hotels in their capital.

Here is a modest list just to spark your curiosity to visit the ‘hyggeligt’ Copenhagen.

Hotel Ottilia

A true icon of Denmark’s history -the old Carlsberg Brewery, Hotel Ottilia is Brøchner Hotels’ 4-starred luxury boutique hotel beyond the ordinary. Raw concrete walls, spectacular lighting, exclusive interior design, mouth-melting organic breakfasts, and a cozy rooftop overlooking Carlsberg District make this hotel a memorable stay. Ottilia’s commitment to the environment and people involves 100% environmentally certified wind energy, product-surplus donations to shelters, as well as a responsible supply chain including food consumption and waste management. What’s not to like from this iconic luxury experience that pampers you and the Planet?

Bertrams Hotel

This eco-chic and homey hotel in Vesterbro, the hipster neighborhood in Denmark’s capital, will tempt you to stay indoors. Despite being so centrally located, you’ll find the peace and quietness that makes this hotel excellent for business and relaxing travels. Bertrams offers a delicious organic buffet breakfast with homemade bread and smoothies. Highlights of this super cozy hotel are Bali-inspired decoration with delightful Persian rugs and the all-season warmed courtyard.

Axel Guldsmeden

Axel is the first Green Globe and Green Key certified hotel from the Danish Guldsmeden Hotels chain. Located a few minute-walk from the Central Station in Copenhagen, this charming boutique hotel is a favorite of eco-conscious travelers looking for traces of luxury experience. If you fancy a penthouse with its private rooftop overviewing the cozy Copenhagen, this is the place for you. And if you are left wanting more, there’s a soothing spa to relax those muscles after a bike-ride around the city.

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers

Located in the futuristic Ørestad very close to the airport, Crowne Plaza is Denmark’s most sustainable hotel. Solar panels cover the towers making up the building, and organic food with eco-friendly care products comes with the deal. A highlight that makes this hotel stand out is its stunning indoor forest and meeting rooms, which have hosted multiple weddings and high-end corporate events, respectively.

Carlton 66 Guldsmeden Hotel

Another jewel of the Guldsmeden Hotels chain is this boutique hotel with a charming bohemian style. Located a stone thrown from Tivoli Gardens and few miles from the buzzy Meat Packing District -where the nightlife explodes, Carlton hotel offers a unique eco-friendly luxurious experience. Wooden canopy beds, organic breakfast, designer toiletries, and balconies overlooking the hip Vesterbro’s restaurants, galleries, and music venues.

Still hungry for more eco-hotel inspiration? Look here for other unique gems in the Danish capital and beyond.

Enchanted Cottages In The Green Scene

Are you looking forward to escaping the city hustle? We’ve got you covered with some enchanted eco-friendly in-nature destinations that will get you in love with the Nordics.

Urnatur Eco Treehouse Lodge

Sweden’s landscape flooded with extensive woods makes the Nordic nation a perfect hub for a retirement-like, refreshing experience. Self-labeled as a “wood hermitage,” the unique hand-crafted treehouses and cottages of Urnatur Eco are all you need when in search of reflection or ‘deep work’ in a tranquil solicitude. Here you won’t find electricity, nor calefaction or internet. Disconnect to connect. When it gets cold, there’s a stove, candles, and lantern that you can light to keep you warm and cozy. There in the Holaved forest, the luxury of sustainable simplicity awaits you.

Hotel GSH

GSH stands for ‘The Green Solution House,’ a conglomerate of sustainable lodgings located in the Danish island of Bornholm. Designed by the renowned Storms Rum, the rooms are carefully furnished to ensure a relaxing night’s sleep and soothing experience. An enchanted forest and a sandy beach at your step door invite you for a bike ride during the day. Solar cellars, recycled glass, wild biodiversity, among other green and circular initiatives, have granted the hotel with international certifications like the Green Key eco-label.


Sweden’s remote woods also offer the one and only Treehotel with its unrivaled tree homes that will challenge your imagination. From a mirror-cube to a spaceship-shaped room that makes you feel like a character of ‘Star War,’ Threehotel is the perfect place to enjoy the northern lights. The whole concept is a spectacle designed to get the best out of every season in its rawest beauty. And all that with minimal impact on the environment!